Why PB Tails?

Why PB Tails?

Why the name 'PB Tails'? 

Some of you might be wondering why the name PB Tails? It seems random, unusual, and so on and so forth. 

BUT, there is always a method to our madness, and a reason behind the masquerade! 

Let us explain...

At PB Tails, we have a story. It’s a simple story about being brave, about  fighting conformity, and about being our best selves. We don’t just want to fit in.

Who wants to be cookie cutter anyway?  

We want to shine like stars in the dark. If we all shine together we can illuminate the sky. Each star unique, each glow different.

So what does PB stand for? 

You might already know that PB stands for ‘Play Best’.  

Quite simply it's to do what you can and enjoy doing it. If it’s a game - survive, build, destroy, win, lose, but do it so you enjoy it.

If it’s something else, try not to destroy it! No one likes a guy destroying pictures on a wall of a museum with the arms aloft in the air screaming as though they’ve just won the Royal Rumble! 

PB is about doing what you enjoy and doing it well. 

And the Tails? 

We embrace who we are and others who are different from us. We love what we do and believe in it too. We are not afraid to move boldly through life with confidence in ourselves and others.

And, you should also have this philosophy. 

Your tail is like your badge of honor. As a child, you show your badge all  the time. As you get older, your tail begins to wane. You understand that to be different is challenging.

So, you hide your tail. You conform. And sometimes you forget who you are. 

A tail is for life, not just your childhood. YOU ARE YOU.

Don’t be afraid to be  different. Don’t forget who you are! Don’t forget your tail! 

Everyone has something unique to contribute to the world, and we want to work towards spreading this message. It's not just about gaming, but also about self-expression and living your life with passion and purpose. 

We believe you should find your own path in life, instead of following the crowd.

Whether it's finding your passion or figuring out your purpose in life, we want to help you live that version of yourself! 

Remember. Be Bold. Be YOU.

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