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PB Tails: The Driving Force Behind Our Gaming

PB Tails: The Driving Force Behind Our Gaming

Our team loves to create, surprise and delight our customers. We believe in building gaming products that gamers will enjoy for years, not just weeks or months.

We love what we do and are constantly working on new ways to bring the fun! One of our latest innovations is our ability to connect Nintendo Switch controllers to a PC, allowing for a seamless gaming experience on multiple platforms.

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We have five values that shape who we are and what we do.

We value originality 

Originality is at the forefront of our designs. Just take a look at the CHOC Bluetooth controllers. We never settle for anything less than extraordinary. We work hard to ensure that the products we produce are ahead of their time - pushing the envelope and redefining what's possible.

Our goal is to continue to innovate, design, and develop products with new styles and enhanced gaming experiences. Our Nintendo Switch controller on PC is a perfect example of this.


We value quality 

We are passionate about quality, which is why we only use the highest quality materials when manufacturing our products. We also ensure consistency in all of our products, so you know you'll get the same great quality every time you buy from us. Quality is one of our core values and our Nintendo Switch controller on PC is no exception, providing a premium gaming experience.


We value functionality with beautiful design 

Our customers want both functionality and great design. We ensure that all of our products offer both at an affordable price. This is true for our Nintendo Switch controller on PC, as well as our controllers on Steam and Super Smash Bros controllers. If you're looking for a controller for Steam or Super Smash Bros, check out our selection on our website.

We all have one thing in common - we value being different

We strive to be different from other gaming tech companies. No corporate uniforms or boring cubicles here! We encourage our employees and community members to be themselves at all times.

We believe in harnessing that difference. It can be a beautiful thing that makes you stand out in a crowd, much like our designs. That's why we create unique products, giving us the chance to express our inner geek, let our imaginations run wild, and embrace our craziest ideas!


This is PB Tails in a nutshell

Not a literal nut shell, just a summation of what drives us here in the land of The CHOC. Wishing you a beautiful day. From the PB Tails team!


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