Firmware Update 2024

Download the latest v2.01k firmware.

Joystick Enhancements:

  • Joystick sensitivity fine-tuned.
  • Controller Standby Mode:
    A new standby mode was introduced; after 1 minute inactivity, only the Home button remains lit. Pick up the controller to wake it.

RGB Lighting Improvements:

Mode Switch:

  • Press the "T button" + “Screenshot button” to toggle between modes.
  • In default and rhythm mode, shaking the controller while holding the "T button" activates "Light Shake" mode.

    Default Mode:
    The light bar won't highlight with the LT button press.
    The light bar turns off at the dimmest third level, but the ABXY lights remain.
    "Light Shake" function generates random color combinations.

    Racing Mode:
    Light-bar is off by default, highlights when LT is pressed.
    RT button press simulates a throttle effect on Light-bar.
    ABXY and Home button colors customizable, tail light is not.

    FPS Mode:
    Light-bar off by default, highlights with LT/RT press, enters "Fire Mode" with a long RT press.
    Light-bar matches ABXY button colors when pressed.
    Tail light color is fixed.

    Rhythm Game Mode:
    Light-bar highlights with button presses.
    Joystick rotation changes Light-bar color.
    Only Home + ABXY lights are customizable.
    Tail lights match ABXY button colors when pressed (default to red).
    "Light Shake" function for random color combinations.

    Breathing Light Mode:
    Lights cycle through colors with each breath.
    Breathing rate is customizable.
    Fixed light colors.

    Flowing Rainbow Mode:
    ABXY, Home button, and Light-bar continuously cycle through colors.
    Speed of color transitions is customizable.
    Fixed light colors.