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Crush Defender Controller

Metal Crush Defender Battle-Damaged Controller With K-Silver TMR Joysticks

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Building on the foundation of the Metal Crush, we proudly present the limited edition battle-damaged version. Each Crush Defender is truly one-of-a-kind, meticulously handcrafted to perfection. Each Defender is a unique masterpiece.

The Defender controller not only boasts a distinctive and rugged appearance but also features the revolutionary TMR (Tunneling Magnetoresistance) joysticks, making it the first gaming controller to incorporate TMR technology.

TMR Joystick Advantages Over Hall Effect Joysticks:

Higher Resolution:

  • Hall Effect Joystick: Offers a resolution of approximately 300 points per axis.
  • TMR Joystick: Achieves a resolution of up to 3000 points per axis, delivering unparalleled precision. This means every subtle movement you make in the game is captured with greater accuracy, resulting in smoother and more refined control.

Lower Power Consumption:

  • Hall Effect Joystick: Consumes around 4 milliamps.
  • TMR Joystick: Consumes as little as 100 microamps, roughly 1/50 of the power used by Hall effect joysticks. This significant reduction in power usage for controllers with independent batteries translates to extended playtime. Specifically, power consumption is reduced by 98%, substantially enhancing battery life.

Higher Reporting Rate:

  • Hall Effect Joystick: Typically has a reporting rate of around 500 Hz.
  • TMR Joystick: Can achieve a reporting rate of 1000 to 20000 Hz, boosting performance significantly. This exceptionally high reporting rate ensures immediate response to joystick inputs, providing a faster and more seamless gaming experience. Whether you're engaged in high-speed shooting games or precision-demanding racing games, the TMR joystick gives you a competitive edge at crucial moments.
Shipping Notice

Due to the handcrafted detailing of this product, orders for the Crush Defender are expected to ship around August 15th.

Color: Metal Series - Defender (PC Layout)

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