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Flashback Fun with Colorful MagCases

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Crush Controller

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Advanced Ergonomics

Crush Controller promises a premium feel and fatigue-free gaming, even over extended periods.

This all-white color gives it an elegant style with a nice gloss shine to it that also doesn’t seem to pick up any nasty smudges from your hands, maintaining its classy look even after a lot of use. I can even vouch for that after having been eating an enormous pizza while playing games!


The whole controller feels like it is made from one single piece, only giving it away when you feel the seam running along the middle where the MagCase meets the bottom plastic.

By Robbie Khan

A near flawless controller for the Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Pi, Windows, and Steam - Crush Controller

By Richard Allen

Metal Wear-Resistant Ring

our controller ensures lasting durability against friction and continuous use.

Hall Sensor

drift-free control, delivering unmatched accuracy in every movement.


Experience unparalleled quality with the K-Silver Hall Effect Joystick engineered for precision, durability, and ultra-responsive gameplay.


Anti-Drift, Maximum Precision

Featuring a 500Hz Polling Rate.


Up to 10M Lifespan

Built to last, delivering reliable performance through countless gaming sessions.

Unleash Gaming Power

PB Tails creates bold, avant-garde gaming controllers that push boundaries. Our pioneering controller designs feature new styles and elements not found elsewhere. We experiment with innovative looks but never compromise on quality.

Blending Styles and Functions

At our company, innovation lies at the heart of every product we design. We are dedicated to merging distinctive styles with unique functionalities across various product types.



A New Era of Gaming Controller

Founded in 2020, PB Tails is a gaming tech start-up dedicated to stylish and user-friendly gaming hardware for young gamers. Our experienced team has collaborated with multinational gaming companies, bringing both design expertise and a passion for gaming.


The Dock

The World‘s First Metallic PS5 Controller Dual-Sense Charging Station. Stay Live. Stay Connected.


The Choc 2.0

Building on the foundation of our Choc controller, we made several adjustments to create the more stylish Choc 2.0, including the addition of a metal back shell.


Crush Controller

In November 2023, we launched the Crush Controller on Kickstarter, a gaming controller inspired by the sleek curves of racing cars. Designed with ultimate ergonomics in mind, this controller features customizable casings and RGB lighting, enhancing both comfort and style for an unparalleled gaming experience.


Ghost Crush Controller

Simultaneously, we introduced the Metal series Ghost Crush controller, featuring a silver finish that casts ghost-like, mysterious reflections. This controller stands out not only in its tactile feel but also in its unique aesthetic, setting a new standard in gaming hardware design.



In March 2024, we unveiled the MagCase inspired by the iconic iMac G3 colors, adding a retro flair and vibrant diversity to the Crush controller lineup. This special edition case celebrates nostalgic design while enhancing the visual appeal of our cutting-edge gaming hardware.

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