The Dock PS5 Charging Station

  • LED lights indicate charging progress so you always know if your controllers are charging & when they are fully charged.
  • Built-in LED lights indicate charging progress and a fully charged state.
  • Blue LED lights show you exactly how much power you have and you can watch as your Wireless DualSense controllers power up!
    Our designs are inspired by GUNDAM and EVANGELION for you mecha anime enthusiasts
    From the design to the colors, The DOCK is inspired by anime such as Gundam and Evangelion that have had such an influence. From bright complimentary visuals to monochromatic styling, each version of The DOCK pays homage to the impact of anime style! The DOCK comes in 3 colors - Horizon Blue, a white and blue styled charger, Cosmic Gamma, in purple and green, and Metallic Midnight, a Zinc Alloy build in black.
    2.5-3 hours to fully charge 2 controllers so you never miss a game
    Don’t get caught out, fully charge your controllers on THE DOCK only from PB Tails. Fully charge two PS 5 DualSense Wireless Controllers in under 2.5 hours without connecting them to your PS 5 console.
    Secure clip-in charging pins & stabilizers for hassle-free connection and stable charging
    Each arm of The DOCK has clip-in charging pins giving you a stronger connection. There are stabilizers on each arm to ensure your controllers remain in position and are always powered up and ready to go.
    Magnetic closing charging arm
    Both arms come with built-in magnetic locks to ensure that when not in use, the arms are securely fastened to The DOCK and help maintain the condition of the charging pins.
    AC adaptor with 1.5m cable
    THE DOCK comes with an AC adaptor with 1.5 length cable to prevent overcharging and protect your DualSense PS5 Controllers.
    Compact size for easier storage
    The DOCK features a compact and ergonomic design, giving you the freedom to charge your DualSense Wireless controllers in style without taking up too much space.
    3 COLORS
    • ■ Type: PB CD02
    • ■ Dimension: 174mm x 59mm x 55mm
    • ■ Voltage: DC12V 2A
    • ■ Current: Max 800mA for a single charging PS5 controller, max 400mA for charging 2 PS5 controllers
    • ■ Charging time: 2.5-3 hours
    • ■ Materials: ABS - Horizon Blue & Cosmic Gamma, ABS+Zinc Alloy -Metallic Midnight
    • ■ Weight: 0.387kg - Horizon Blue & Cosmic Gamma, 0.6kg - Metallic Midnight